3 ways to show your Thanks

Baron Insurance would like to begin by wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone lives such busy lives, and people get caught up in life and forget to recognize the many things that they are appreciative for. Every year, sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner feast, you are asked what you are most thankful for. And, every year your responses may be quite obvious: your family, friends, your job, and the roof over year head.

Although these things are very important to be thankful for, what if we dove a little deeper into the appreciation of life? This Thanksgiving, Baron Insurance wants to challenge you to transform your regular responses and show your Thanks with these tips.

Practice what you preach:

Whatever your answer is to the annual “What are you thankful for?” question at the dinner table, you’ve already addressed that you are thankful for something important in your life. However, sometimes listing things isn’t enough. This Thanksgiving, try “practicing what you preach”. For example, if you say you are thankful for your family, try to spend more time with them throughout the year. Listen to them, make them dinner, or even phone up a relative and see how they are doing. If you are thankful for your family, you should show them why they are so special to you and that you are lucky to have them.

Recognize the small stuff:

Often, small things that we are accustomed to having and using everyday can be overlooked and taken for granted. When thinking about what you are thankful for, dive deeper into your usual list and recognize something that isn’t as obvious. You will never be truly satisfied with something until you appreciate what you have now. With that being said, nothing is wrong with wanting more or nicer things, but try to take note of the less recognized blessings in your life.


If you are having a difficult time deciding what you are thankful for, a suggestion is to volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen or charity. There are many things in your life that you are grateful for that you have never realized. Volunteering will give you perspective into how thankful you are for certain things in your life. It will also hopefully make you feel fulfillment as you try and find what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Baron Insurance wants you to make the most out of Thanksgiving this year and hopefully these three tips have helped you. There are so many different things you should be thankful for and so many ways for you to show your gratitude. Dig a little deeper and really try and show your gratitude with these three tips!

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